Time to say good bye :-(

This is a sad moment. OpenStreetBrowser is no more. Unfortunately I have to admit, that my time is limited and that I can't support it any longer. Main reason is, that I now have two adorable children which use up most of my leisure time. Also, my last attempt to save OpenStreetBrowser didn't work out (the category system didn't work for the last 7 months or longer) - it was not performant enough. The code base is a big mess, with having tried many different approaches - better not look at it :-) Also it cost me quite some money, as I'd rented a powerful server.

What's really sad, that now I even can't continue rendering the background tiles of OpenStreetBrowser (which were actually used by other apps). Sorry! The new server is very limited in disk space and RAM, there's no way to continue rendering. If you'd like to restart rendering these tiles: MapCSS code (example tiles). It needs Mapnik and the render library pgmapcss, which I developed.

At some point it's better to just get rid of legacy projects, to take the burden off your shoulders so you can start new projects. Right now I'm helping out at twig.js and umap.

And you never know, maybe some day in the future there'll be a map at this URL again :-)

Stephan Bösch-Plepelits

PS: Thanks for all your positive feedback during the last years!


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Sad to read that,
Hope your new adventure will be great.
See you, Julie.

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That's so sad it's finished.
Hope you guys will get lots of exciting new adventures !


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I will miss you !

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too bad

So the openstreet browser is no more. that is sad.


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