New version 2.2.2

This update brings improved markers, as they have an ID encoding their position; therefore URLs containing markers can be sent to other browser. There was also some bugfixing, notable with the search: Searches containing spaces or special characters were encoding wrongly and didn't work. There were also some translation updates to el, et and ro. Thanks for your contribution!


Cela m'a été très utile pour

Cela m'a été très utile pour me magasin de vélo électrique Lyon. Merci beaucoup !

thank you

Thank you for this update it helps me on


Thanks for good post! A lot of unique information.

very nice version

very nice version 2.2.2

It seems

It seems good.

Nice, i was looking for this

Nice, i was looking for this update Google Car


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This website is recently introduced essay wrting services new version. Many interesting stories we have find from this website and that info you need to get more knowledge on every service and thanks for all the updates.


J'ai utilisé cette technologie pour géolocaliser mon entreprise de serrurerie à Orléans sur mon site internet. C'était parfait ! merci encore

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nice version 2.2.2

nice version 2.2.2

I will also try. It seems

I will also try.
It seems good.


i wanna try this

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