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"type": "overpass",
"name": {
"ast": "Gastronomía",
"cs": "Stravování",
"de": "Gastronomie",
"el": "Γαστρονομία",
"en": "Gastronomy",
"fr": "Gastronomie",
"hu": "Gasztronómia",
"it": "Gastronomia",
"ja": "食べ物",
"nl": "Gastronomie",
"pl": "Gastronomia",
"ro": "Gastronomie",
"ru": "Общепит",
"uk": "Гастрономія"
"query": {
"16": "(node[amenity~'^(bar|biergarten|cafe|fast_food|ice_cream|pub|restaurant)$'];way[amenity~'^(bar|biergarten|cafe|fast_food|ice_cream|pub|restaurant)$'];relation[amenity~'^(bar|biergarten|cafe|fast_food|ice_cream|pub|restaurant)$'];);"
"feature": {
"markerSign": "{% if tags.amenity=='bar' %}🍸{% elseif tags.amenity=='biergarten'%}🍻{% elseif tags.amenity=='cafe' %}☕{% elseif tags.amenity=='fast_food' %}🍔{% elseif tags.amenity=='ice_cream' %}🍨{% elseif tags.amenity=='pub' %}🍺{% else %}🍴{% endif %}",
"body": "<ul>\n <li class='hasSymbol'>\n <i class=\"fa fa-cutlery\" aria-hidden=\"true\"></i>\n <span class='key'>{{ keyTrans('cuisine') }}:</span>\n <span class='value'>{{ tagTransList('cuisine', tags.cuisine)|default(trans('unknown')) }}</span>\n </li>\n</ul>",
"description": "{{ tagTrans('amenity', tags.amenity) }}"