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"type": "overpass",
"name": {
"de": "Ämter, Dienst- und Geschäftsstellen",
"en": "Offices",
"fr": "Bureaux",
"hu": "Irodák, hivatalok",
"pt-br": "Escritórios e agências"
"query": {
"14": "nwr[office]"
"feature": {
"description": [
"{{ tagTrans('office', }}",
"{% if == 'government' and tags.government %}({{ tagTrans('government', tags.government) }}){% endif %}"
"markerSign": "{{ const[]|raw }}"
"const": {
"government": "<i class='fas fa-landmark'></i>",
"company": "<i class='fas fa-building'></i>",
"estate_agent": "<i class='fas fa-home'></i>",
"insurance": "<i class='fas fa-file-signature'></i>",
"lawyer": "<i class='fas fa-gavel'></i>",
"educational_institution": "<i class='fas fa-school'></i>",
"administrative": "<i class='fas fa-landmark'></i>",
"telecommunication": "<i class='fas fa-phone'></i>",
"ngo": "<i class='fas fa-people-carry'></i>",
"quango": "<i class='fas fa-people-carry'></i>",
"association": "<i class='fas fa-people-carry'></i>",
"it": "<i class='fas fa-desktop'></i>",
"accountant": "<i class='fas fa-money-bill-alt'></i>",
"tax_advisor": "<i class='fas fa-money-bill-alt'></i>",
"employment_agency": "<i class='fas fa-user'></i>",
"research": "<i class='fas fa-flask'></i>",
"religion": "<i class='fas fa-pray'></i>",
"architect": "<i class='fas fa-torii-gate'></i>",
"financial": "<i class='fas fa-money-bill'></i>",
"newspaper": "<i class='fas fa-newspaper'></i>",
"political_party": "<i class='fas fa-flag'></i>",
"advertising_agency": "<i class='fas fa-ad'></i>",
"therapist": "<i class='fas fa-couch'></i>",
"travel_agent": "<i class='fas fa-plane-departure'></i>",
"publisher": "<i class='fas fa-book'></i>"
"filter": {
"type": {
"name": "{{ trans('filter:type') }}",
"show_default": "true",
"type": "select",
"values": "{% for k, v in const %}<option value=\"{{ k }}\" query=\"nwr[{{ k }}]\" minzoom=\"{{ v.zoom }}\">{{ tagTrans(k) }}</option>{% endfor %}"