Some examples how to develop own categories.
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en: Example 5
15: nwr[amenity=restaurant]
description: |
{{ tagTrans('amenity', tags.amenity) }}
# Details are written to the right side of the popup / the box in the list.
# tagTransList is a function, which splits the value by ';' and translates
# each value individually. They are joined as enumeration.
details: |
{{ tagTransList('cuisine', tags.cuisine) }}
name: "{{ keyTrans('cuisine') }}"
type: select
key: cuisine
op: has # query semicolon-separated lists
values: |
{% for value in const.cuisine %}
<option value='{{ value }}'>{{ tagTrans('cuisine', value) }}</option>
{% endfor %}
<option value='-' query='nwr[!cuisine]' weight='1'>{{ trans('empty value') }}</option>
<option value='*' query='nwr[cuisine]' weight='1'>Any value</option>
# The option will be ordered by text content. Set 'weight' option to override order.
# Also, the last two options set an explicit OverpassQL query.
cuisine: ["pizza", "burger", "kebab"]