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"add_filter": "Add filter",
"any value": "any value",
"available_branches": "Available branches",
"back": "back",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"categories": "Categories",
"category-info-tooltip": "Info & Map key",
"close": "Close",
"closed": "closed",
"default": "default",
"download": "Download",
"apply-keep": "Apply & keep editing",
"apply-close": "Apply & close",
"tip-tutorial": "Check out the [Tutorial]",
"customCategory:header": "Custom categories",
"customCategory:clone": "Clone as custom category",
"customCategory:create": "Create custom category",
"customCategory:list": "List popular custom categories",
"copied-clipboard": "Copied to clipboard",
"edit": "edit",
"editor:id": "iD (in-browser editor)",
"editor:remote": "Remote Control (JOSM or Merkaator)",
"editor:remote:help": "You have to enable remote control in JOSM or Merkaator.",
"error": "Error",
"empty value": "empty value",
"export-all": "Export all visible map features",
"export-prepare": "Prepare download",
"export:GeoJSON": "Download as GeoJSON",
"export:OSMJSON": "Download as OSM JSON",
"export:OSMXML": "Download as OSM XML",
"facilities": "Facilities",
"filter:title": "Title",
"filter:type": "Type",
"formatUnits:coordFormat": "Coordinate format",
"formatUnits:coordSpacer": "Coordinate spacer",
"formatUnits:system": "Unit system",
"formatUnits:system:si": "SI Units",
"formatUnits:system:imp": "Imperial units",
"formatUnits:system:nautical": "Nautical",
"formatUnits:system:m": "Always meter",
"formatUnits:speed": "Speed unit",
"formatUnits:speed:ft/s": "ft/s",
"formatUnits:speed:km/h": "km/h",
"formatUnits:speed:kn": "kn",
"formatUnits:speed:m/s": "m/s",
"formatUnits:speed:mi/h": "mph",
"form_element:please_select": "-- please select --",
"geoinfo:nw-corner": "Northwestern corner",
"geoinfo:center": "Center",
"geoinfo:centroid": "Centroid",
"geoinfo:se-corner": "Southeastern corner",
"geoinfo:mouse": "Mouse position",
"geoinfo:location": "Current location",
"geoinfo:zoom": "Zoom level",
"geoinfo:header": "Geometry",
"geoinfo:length": "Length",
"geoinfo:area": "Area",
"header:attributes": "Attributes",
"header:export": "Export",
"header:osm_meta": "OSM Meta",
"heading:N": "N",
"heading:NE": "NE",
"heading:E": "E",
"heading:SE": "SE",
"heading:S": "S",
"heading:SW": "SW",
"heading:W": "W",
"heading:NW": "NW",
"images": "Images",
"invalid value": "invalid value",
"loading": "Loading ...",
"main:about": "About",
"main:code": "Code",
"main:options": "Options",
"main:permalink": "Permalink",
"more": "more",
"more_categories": "More categories",
"more_categories_gitea": "Create & improve categories yourself!",
"more_results": "Show more results",
"open": "open",
"options:data_lang": "Data language",
"options:data_lang:desc": "Many map features have their name (and other tags) translated to different languages (e.g. with 'name:en', 'name:de'). Specify which language should be used for displaying, or 'Local language' so that always the untranslated value (e.g. 'name') will be used.",
"options:data_lang:local": "Local language",
"options:debug_mode": "Debug mode",
"options:overpassUrl": "OverpassAPI URL",
"options:preferredBaseMap": "Preferred base map",
"options:ui_lang": "Interface language",
"options:chooseEditor": "Choose Editor",
"other": "Other",
"repo-use-as-base": "Use this repository as base repository",
"repositories": "Repositories",
"save": "Save",
"show details": "show details",
"toggle_fullscreen": "Toggle full screen mode",
"unknown": "unknown",
"unnamed": "unnamed",
"wikipedia:no-url-parse": "Could not parse Wikipedia URL",
"zoom_in_appear": "zoom in for map features to appear",
"zoom_in_more": "zoom in for more map features"